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Darn squeaky Look 357 pedals....(1 post)

Darn squeaky Look 357 pedals....nyvram
Jun 5, 2002 11:49 AM
I have practically brand-new pedals & cleats (less than 300 miles on the bike at this point); the shoes are Northwave w/ red cleats and the pedals are the silver 357s.

My problem is they started squeaking about a month ago. This is driving me nuts and getting worse and worse! The noise is coming from where the cleat contacts the pedal surface. I can spit on my hand and wipe that on the bottom of the cleat and the noise will stop for a few definitely is from the cleat rubbing against the surface of the pedal; but it seems odd to be happening so soon. The pedals & cleats seem to fit well and are comfortable when riding.

: (

Any suggestions?