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chain length question's?.....(4 posts)

chain length question's?.....Spirito
Jun 4, 2002 11:15 PM
am looking to get a sram chain and am wondering ...

is it possible to have 2 of their power links and still be cool strencth and reliabiltiy wise

why you ask?

part 2...

because ill be running a 42/53 up front and will split the rear duty between a 14/23 and a 14/30 on the rear. im figuring rather than be one link too short or long (midway) perhaps i can use the shorter chain and add the 2 or so links to its length for the wider gear combo.

or am i just stupid? and thinking wrongly about the perceived difference the gear ratio's will have on acttual chain length.


strange gearing...C-40
Jun 5, 2002 4:36 AM
To answer the chain length question, it takes a 4 tooth difference to require a 1 inch longer chain, which is the minimum two links that can be added. Whether you need to add any length at all depends on the derailleur that you are using and how the chain length is adjusted.

I assume that you are using a long cage or MTB derailleur, because standard cage road derailleurs generally won't handle a 30T low gear. If this is the case, additional chain length is not required, if the chain is set the maximum length to begin with.

It would be easier to change the chain rings to a 50/38 and use a 12-27 (9 speed?) cassette. This will produce a little more top speed and the same low speed gearing, without the need to change cassettes. The cog spacing won't be as close though. If you really want close cog spacing and low speed gears, get a triple crank setup and be done with it.

To adjust the chain to the correct length, shift to the little ring and smallest cog. Wrap the chain around the little ring, the smallest cog and through the derailleur, with the ends coming together below the right chainstay. Remove two links (one inch) at a time until the lower derailleur pulley moves a small amount when the ends of the chain are brought together (indicating that tension is being applied). Install the connector link and rotate the crank. The chain may rub against itself as it passes under the upper derailleur pulley. If it does, two more links (another inch) of chain should be removed to increase the tension and create some clearance between the upper and lower section of the chain. When this is done, the chain has been set to its maximum useable length. The derailleur will then shift any cog combination within it's stated capacity.
Good post. (nm)Chen2
Jun 5, 2002 8:42 AM
strange gearing...sorta.....Spirito
Jun 5, 2002 9:39 AM
im mixing an older campy crank and am stuck with the 42 tooth small ring. 6 speed freewheels to give me the gearing combo needed (14-23 general - 14-30) are rare and these i found mulitples of for the future drought.

the rear derialleur will handle the 30 tooth and is well within the 16 tooth range in the rear and 11 difference in the front.

triple isnt an option. it should work but i just needed to check that adding a few extra links would be cool and and not a stress on the chain integrity being that it will have 2 superlinks for the larger set-up.