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Chain Lube Frequency(4 posts)

Chain Lube Frequencyredbikerider
Jun 4, 2002 7:15 AM
I'm presently using Pedro's Ice Wax and enjoying the product. My question is: how often do I apply it? Every time I ride? Only when the chain makes noise? ...
I do it when it squeaks or when I think of it, but...Silverback
Jun 4, 2002 7:27 AM
One of the drawbacks of that kind of lube, at least for me, is that it doesn't last very long--couple of hundred miles, maybe. But it's not much trouble to just drip a little on there and wipe it off once or twice a week, and the clean chain is worth it to me.
Pedros Ice Wax - Pro Linkunchained
Jun 4, 2002 11:59 AM
Pedros Ice Wax - it's a great wax if your rides are less than three hours long. Beyond that the chain gets noisey. Noisey chains will not last long.

If you are looking for a lubricant that lasts reas. long (15 hrs or so) I would recommend prolink. It keeps the chain clean without much buildup, it is easy to apply, and it is easy to remove from your chain and components.
depends on type of lubeDaveG
Jun 4, 2002 3:10 PM
Dry wax type lubes like Pedro's Ice and White Lightening need to be applied more frequently (about every 15 minutes it seems!) than wet lubes. Dry lubes have the advantage of a cleaner chain at the expense of more frequent application. When I used WL I applied avery 100 miles. Pedro's seems very similar. With wet lubes it was double that or more, although the chain will get dirtier. With my current "homebrew" lube I go about 150 miles.