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Can I save my rims brake surface?(7 posts)

Can I save my rims brake surface?mtnpat
Jun 4, 2002 4:02 AM
Bought a used bike (98 model) a yr or so ago, and it came with Mavic CXP30 rims.

The brake surface on these rims are extremely rough. Not the usual wear pattern I see on mtb rims, like a brake pad width groove worn into rim, but the surface seems to be shredding, sending little bits of metal into my pads.

I installed new pads (DuraAce) when I got the bike, and did some light sanding on the rims brake surface, not much though. This helped a bit.

Recently it has gotten a lot worse, soundz horrible.

I need these rims to last 'till next year. Has anyone ever restored braking surfaces on rims with 600 grit wet sanding or anything like that?

thanks in advance.
simple fix...floatch
Jun 4, 2002 4:32 AM
Wedge a Scotchbrite pad in between your brake pads and the rim, and ride up and down the street a time or two. It will make your rims shiny and clean. As for the pads, remove the wheels and sand them lightly with fine sandpaper on a sanding block. (If you use your fingers, the pad will be rounded when you're done.) When I say sand them lightly, I do mean lightly. Just take the metallic glaze off, and you'll be fine! Good luck!
simple fix...mtnpat
Jun 5, 2002 1:58 AM
Excellent! Worked like a charm. The before and after is amazing.

I'm pretty conservative 'bout stuff like that.Spoke Wrench
Jun 4, 2002 5:14 AM
Keep in mind that the brake surface is what holds your tire onto the rim. As the brake surface wears, it allows the rim flanges to bend outward under 120psi of air pressure. A possible outcome is your tire blowing off of the rim at speed. Compared to ER charges, replacement wheels aren't that expensive.
re: Can I save my rims brake surface?JimP
Jun 4, 2002 12:44 PM
Yes, you can somewhat restore the braking surfaces with 600 grit wet-or-dry paper - preferably with wet sanding. Also, sand the brake pads with 240 grit by holding a strip on the rim with your hand and moving the wheel back and forth. The sanding of the brake pad is important since dirt and sand become imbedded in the brake pad and act like a chisel to scrape away the rim surface. You can also clean the brake pads with alcohol to remove some of the dirt.
it's in the pads!quadzilla1
Jun 4, 2002 6:50 PM
the key: "sending little bits of metal into my pads. "

I had the same problem with Ultegra pads. They are famous for this (check out reviews on this site under brake pads).
I switched to Ritchey pads (from colorodo cyclist). Difference between night & day. Kool stop makes these for them. I believe your rims are fine, it's the pads. For the record, I'm riding Mavic Cosmic Equipes, which are similar to your rims.
it's in the pads!mtnpat
Jun 5, 2002 1:56 AM
I believe ya...have always prefered Kool Stop pads on my MTB, shouldn't be any different on the road bike.

thanks quad