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Campy Daytona BB (Italian) came loose - should I Locktite?(7 posts)

Campy Daytona BB (Italian) came loose - should I Locktite?DaveG
Jun 2, 2002 2:12 PM
I put in the right hand BB cup using some Teflon tape, but it still came loose after about 200 miles. Should I loctite it? Is there a downside to using Locktite?
"came loose" ???JohnG
Jun 2, 2002 3:33 PM
Did you torque the bb to the Campy spec. I just did this and was surprised at how high the torque spec was. I had to really lean on the torque wrench to "set" the BB to spec.

IMHO, you should NEVER (repeat NEVER) use locktite on a BB.

"came loose" ???DaveG
Jun 2, 2002 4:02 PM
John, Thanks for the response. The BB came out enough during my ride that I could not shift to the big ring! I have the Park tool which does not allow for a torque wrench. It is entirely possible that I did not torque it enough. I'll try it again with the teflon tape and some serious muscle.
more infoJohnG
Jun 2, 2002 6:15 PM
Make sure you back off the left side just a tad before you torque the right side. I.e. the ride side MUST be seated 'while' the left side is somewhat loose.

I believe the recommended torque is around 55 ft-lbs. A LOT to be sure!~ Without digging up my installation pamphlet I'm pretty sure that's were I set my last one. Oh, if your Park tool has a shortish handle then it will indeed take a very serious amount of force to get to this torque.

Campy spec = 70 n-m = 46.5 ft-lb (nm)Kerry
Jun 3, 2002 4:37 PM
Jun 3, 2002 5:56 PM
Campy website says 70NM or ~51ft.lbs. Unfortunately, with the Park tool I have a torque wrench is not possible (its sorta like a closed-end spanner). I decided to give it an approximate torque every "everything I could dish out". Hopefully with this and a couple of wraps of Teflon tape it will stay put. I marked the cup to verify it does not move. Thanks for the assistance.
re: Campy Daytona BB (Italian) came loose - should I Locktite?Guru_at_AmClassic
Jun 4, 2002 3:20 AM
It is very very common for an Italian BB to come loose, especially the older cup and spindle style. Teflon tape isn't the best defense, but, Blue Lock-Tite is. I have done it and it is removable. The yellow strip that comes on Campy BB's is a type of lock tite. Just a very mild one. I recommend, tightening it up first and if it comes loose again to use a blue lock tite, not alot though. It will come loose when you try to remove it. Blue lock tite is what they use on brake boss bolts on bikes right now. It is used for a thread on thread application and it is removable.

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