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Sturdy al. frame(9 posts)

Sturdy al. frameWoof the dog
Jun 1, 2002 1:04 AM
Sick of lightweight bear-can frames. I am in love with my old cannonsnail frame, but the problem is that its 7 speed spacing so I cannot use normal wheels on it. The weight of the frame is ~3.5 pounds and its really stiff but I still like it a lot since its really beefy. I can beat on it all day and nothing will ever happen to it, seems like. Great for racing, i guess.

Is there anyone out there who can make me a beefy aluminum frame similar to this old cannonsnail to race and train on? I want it to be bare aluminum (unpainted) and good geometry/angles with 9 speed rear triangle spacing. And it has to be beefy. I don't care about weight, as long as its under 4 pounds. Any ideas? The problems I may run into with cheap frames of today is that their geometry may be phucked up.

So, if you know a builder who can do that, tell me!


Woof the dog.
this from the dog who just built a set of 1200g wheels!??!?!?!weiwentg
Jun 1, 2002 4:52 AM
woof, I can't remember offhand any of the custom framebuilders I was looking at that built in Al. but if you want a sub 4 pound training frame, wouldn't steel be a better choice? just give it the same geometery as the cannonsnail...
here's oneweiwentg
Jun 1, 2002 4:55 AM
Jade cycles. cheap, and they do custom.
why not another one?Jekyll
Jun 1, 2002 4:54 AM
You can get another Canny pretty cheap. They are still as stiff (IMHO - I've owned half a dozen C-Dale frames over the last 15 years) as the older versions but they do ride a bit nicer. The new frames are lighter but they do no seem to give up anything in stiffness at the BB. The geometry is about the same and so far as reliability goes, the legend of the crack-n-fail comes from the older frames (probably about your vintage) and not the newer offerings. Old Canny's were claimed to have a flawed seat/chain stay design causing the "rash" of cracks at the BB which gave them their infamous name.
You can get the frame in matte black if you are trying to keep a low profile. Plus you can get the CAAD5 with fork and HS for under $600.
why not another one? For Jekyll!zray61
Jun 1, 2002 9:49 AM
Where can I find a CAAD5 with frame & fork & HS for under $600?
why not another one? For Jekyll!gtx
Jun 1, 2002 10:02 AM
give Sherwood a callgtx
Jun 1, 2002 8:31 AM
best AL builder I've seen, and known for building extremely beefy bikes (builds pretty much the nicest FS Mtb frames out there). Won't be cheap, though. He used to build a road frame and I'm sure he still would do one as a custom.

I'd also talk to Carl Strong and the guys at Sycip
No paint?Nessism
Jun 1, 2002 9:05 AM
Finding a nice Al frame is no problem but finding one without paint is difficult. You could always strip the paint with some paint remover. It's a messy process but it works well.

Check out Chucks Bikes, they have a couple of Parkpre models without paint although the are only a couple of sizes.

or maybe a Cunninghamgtx
Jun 1, 2002 9:08 AM
he never painted his bikes. Wonder if he's still building