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chain/cassette replacement(6 posts)

chain/cassette replacementbianchi boy
May 26, 2002 10:04 AM
I recently replaced my Campy 10 chain with a Wipperman 10, which seems to be working fine. The bike, chain and drive train had about 5100 miles on them when I switched. I did not change the cassette because it didn't look like it needed it, and I'm cheap. Now, after 300 miles on the Wipperman chain, I'm think perhaps I should have changed the cassette afterall. The chain is slipping in a few of the gears, the ones I tend to use the most. So, is it too late change the cassette now, or have I screwed up a new chain? I know, I know, you're supposed to change the cassette when you change the chain, but those damn Campy cassettes are expensive. I don't know why they charge $80 for a Chorus steel cassette. You can buy a Dura-Ace ti cassette for $60, and with a chain for $80.
Replace itKerry
May 26, 2002 3:35 PM
You probably haven't added much additional wear to the chain, but you will if you keep riding. Also, you're going to kill yourself one of these times when the chain slips. Sometimes, you can just replace the worn cogs, though this is not cost effective for more than 3 or 4 cogs (depends on the price you can find for cogs). LaBicicletta has Chorus steel 10 cassettes for $69. From all that I read, the wear life on a DA Ti cassette/DA chain is far less than Campy.
re: chain/cassette replacementgrandemamou
May 27, 2002 3:50 AM
Yep replace it. You haven't hurt the chain. If you replace the chain frequently enough you may not have to change the cassette.

The damage occurs when the worn/stretched chain does not mesh properly with the teeth on the cogs. When the old chain stretches it will wear grooves into the cogs. The old chain matches the grooves the new one will not.
re: chain/cassette replacementpa rider
May 28, 2002 2:41 AM
I know everybody is saying to replace the cassette, but learn from this problem. Change the chain every 3000 miles and you may get 3 chains out of one cassette (I'm not being a smart ass bud).

That's why I'm debating if I want to switch over to campy, because the damn cassettes cost so much. Can you get 10k out of a cassette? I usually keep my chain clean every week and relube twice a week. I'm expecting to get 10k out of my ultegra by putting a new chain on every 3k, before I wear my cassette.

Just learning from everyone else mistakes as well as mine own. Glad to hear that the wipperman chain works with the campy drive train well.
Sample mathKerry
May 29, 2002 4:48 PM
I replace chain and cassette together - with Campy Chorus steel and a Record 9 chain, I get around 11K miles. That's $72 for the the cassette/chain. Let's say I replaced the chain every 3K miles instead. I'd be spending $72 every 12K miles, just for chains, so my cassette would have to last forever to make this pay. DA chains cost the same as Campy Record 9, and Ultegra chains cost either $15 or $19, and Ultegra cassettes are only $4 cheaper than a Chorus 9. I can't see how you save money by changing the chain frequently.
See your point, rider
May 30, 2002 5:18 AM
I'm only getting 6k out of chain before it's over 1/8 inch stretch. The LBS said to replace it at 3k. I haven't tried 4k and replaced chain yet. I figured the cassette may be worn bad by that point or I may not get a third chain on.

I usually spend my money in your method by only going through one cassette a year. If I can get two chains and one cassette combo than it's worth the method (cassette are $35 to $45 and like you said and chains $15 - $20).

Coming from mtb background I didn't use shimano chains much when I started to ride road bike in 1994. I use to put sach chains on my road bikes because I broke a few shimano chains (I'm now trying to use shimano chains, but would say I would trust a campy chain any day over shimano).

If you keep the chain clean you should get good wear and tear, but I don't get the same life span out of these shimano chains as other brands I used.

The point is that my cost this year will be $65 (2 chains for $40 and 1 cassette $25) vs 1 chain and 1 cassette X 2 = $90. I got the cassette at supergo (ultegra 12-25) last fall and usually buy parts then at cheaper price.

I'll change my chain at 3500 to 4000 miles and should get the life of 8000+ miles out of the drive train. Last year I got 6800 out of my drive train and was pretty worn (I keep my chain pretty clean).

We have one cat I racer locally who changes his chain every 1000 miles for insurance reasons for his racing.