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Scott shoes(3 posts)

Scott shoesSim
May 25, 2002 8:32 PM
does anyone ever tried ScottUSA shoes??
I have bought a pair( the high end ), but they don't work with Look pedals.
during pedaling they touch crank arms. never seen this, until now.
I have Northwave and DMT and it doesn't happen.
are there any brands with the same problem?
re: Scott shoeshinaults dog
May 26, 2002 3:41 PM
these shoes are a nightmare
my heel clips the seatstay
re: Scott shoesSim
May 27, 2002 1:00 PM
it really is a nightmare. they simply don't work properly.
I am used to wear clothing from Scott, for considering to have some quality, but these shoes seems to be a bad prototype. just hope to solve the problem instead of loosing my money with a bad article.
after this I think it's time to try another brand. maybe Time or Sidi. at least they are suposed to have the tradition and quality.