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OK, I'm convinced.(3 posts)

OK, I'm convinced.Matno
May 24, 2002 3:59 PM
3-cross with brass nipples it is. Now I just have one more question: Will I notice a difference between double-butted spokes and straight ones? What's the weight savings? Does it affect the ride quality? Durability? I thought I had DB spokes on my current wheels, but turns out they're straight (14g I think). Then again, I've never thought of my wheels as particularly light.

I just checked my 2 mtb's and it looks like I have 14/15 DB on one and straight 15 on the other. Never noticed a difference, but then, I probably never would with 2.1" mountain bike tires. Kind of makes the straight 14's on my road bike seem like overkill. Should I just go cheap and get straight 15's?
re: OK, I'm convinced.gtx
May 24, 2002 4:30 PM
the theory is that in addition to being slightly lighter, a db spoke will help build a more durable wheel because on impact it is more likely to compress than twist. I'd go with 14/15s.
Find a wheight comparison @ www.dtswiss.comMarkus_B
May 25, 2002 1:20 PM
I heard that DB spokes are more durable because the thinner part takes away stress from the bended area at the flange end.

To find out whether your spokes are DB or straight, move two fingertips pressed against each other (inbetween the spoke) alongside the spoke and you will feel what you can't see.

By the way - I'm not sure that it would make sense to use thinner spokes in a 28" wheel than in a 26" wheel. I would use DB spokes at least for the rear wheel.