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head tube size on my judy...(3 posts)

head tube size on my judy...Gall
May 24, 2002 2:02 PM

on my trek 9800 from the mid 90's i have a judy xc. its the tanish one.. anyhow what size head tube is this one? common sense tells me 1 1/8" but .. to make to sure i d thought i d ask!

re: head tube size on my judy...Markus_B
May 25, 2002 12:24 PM
It's probably a 1 1/8 inch.

But why don't you measure? It's not even necessary to remove the stem - just disassemble the stem cap (I assume you have an Ahead-system) and measure the inner diameter of the stem.

P. S.: 1 inch = 2,54 cm.
re: head tube size on my rider
May 28, 2002 4:21 AM
I bet it 1 1/8 steer tube. Not too many people requested 1 inch. I don't remember trek having 1 inch headtube forks. If it's a quill stem it's 1 inch. If its an ahead stem (Same as today's mtb stems) it's 1 1/8 diameter.

Hopes this help. The judy's blew alot of cartlegdes back then. Mag 21 where better, but where air with 2 inches of travel.