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Mavic M10 cassette(4 posts)

Mavic M10 cassettePygme
May 24, 2002 8:18 AM
I am sure this had been asked before, but I am going to ask anyway. Thanks for your patience.

I have a shimano equipped bike with ksyriums. I just ordered an italian frame and have the yearning to put campy record on it.

I understand that there is a cassetee (mavic m10) that fits a shimnao hub and allows you to run campy.

Is anyone using this or have you used it?

There is something lost in the translation on the Mavic site.

Thanks for your help.
I tried it. Didn't like it. Switched it out to a Wheels Mfg.bill
May 25, 2002 3:14 AM
cassette. The shifting was not that smooth, and the shop couldn't get all ten cogs on my hub (Cane Creeks). The Wheels Mfg cassette, which is a remanufactured Ultegra cassette I think, was very smooth right out of the box, AND all ten cogs went on.
It was a bummer with the Mavic. Spent a grand on a drivetrain only to have something that worked . . . okay. The Wheels cassette, although a little on the heavy side, redeemed the entire investment.
I no longer have the wheels, but I still have the cassette. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. Tried to sell it once; maybe I was asking too much for it ($65). Less than 1000 miles on it -- you interested?
I tried it. Didn't like it. Switched it out to a Wheels Mfg.Pygme
May 25, 2002 9:46 AM
A glowing review on something yout want to sell? Hmmmm. LOL.

Are you telling me that the brand name is "Wheels Mfg?"

What is your new price?
M-10/Wheels Mfg. cassettesDMoore
May 25, 2002 1:43 PM
The Mavic M-10 cassette is designed to allow 10 speeds to work with a specially designed Mavic cassette body. It is NOT designed to be compatible with a standard Shimano cassette body - the Mavic body is a little bit wider.

OTOH, the Wheels Mfg. (yes, that is the company's name) Accelerator cassette is fully compatible with the the Shimano cassette body. I've had a couple of them over the years, and they do work very well. (No company connection, not trying to sell one, just a satisfied customer.)