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KING headset adjustment question...(3 posts)

KING headset adjustment question...floatch
May 23, 2002 4:23 AM
I have a new King headset, and after installing it, I tried the old "lift the front of the bike and let the handlebars fall to one side trick." It's usually a good way to see if the headset is too tight. The bearings seem a little "stiff", but this might be because it's new. Do King headsets need a little breaking in before they're really smooth, or is my headset a little too tight?
re: KING headset adjustment rider
May 23, 2002 4:41 AM
Bought one last august. My LBS said they will be tight until it gets broken in. I swapped out a stem last week and notice it's not that hard to adjust now.

I adjust it the same way I do my MTB by holding front brakes to rock it back and forth to make sure I have the headset adjusted, then check the fork for spin side to side.

I can usually tell if the headset is overtighten by how it feels when riding. It may feel tight cornering, so I know it overtight (done this with some canecreek headsets). I found the king headset is easier to adjust than any other headsets after you get them broken in.

Both of mine worked smooth from the start...Markus_B
May 25, 2002 12:35 PM
so I would assume yours is a little bit overtighten (I use the above described brake-rock-back-test, too).

Another reason may be that your headset is not assembled properly: A King headset requires a stem that is machined at the bottom side (and proper frame preparation of course). Spacers not machined properly may cause problems, too.