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newbie wonders 'bout his derailleur: help!(2 posts)

newbie wonders 'bout his derailleur: help!nyedid
May 19, 2002 8:03 PM
i don't know how to tell whether i have a braze-on or a band-type derailleur connection in the front. i'm getting rid of some older campy stuff that came on the bike i got recently. it's a Trek OCLV frame; the front derailleur is connected to a metal plate on the seat-tube. the thing is, i'm buying a new ultegra group and it says the derailleur is a band type. i don't know what that means-- help!
re: braze on is what you had... clamp on is what you're getting.Akirasho
May 20, 2002 12:47 AM
... Shimano made/makes three types of interfaces...

Braze on... goes directly to the tab you mentioned.
Clamp on (two types)... goes around the seat tube and is incompatible with frames with a braze on (various clamp diameters available).
Convertable... a braze on derailleur that afixes to a clamp (when removed from said clamp, it is essentially a braze on).

I believe that all Ultegras are now convertible... but older units were integrated (I've got an older first generation Ultegra 9 front derailleur that cannot be seperated from the clamp). Check with your vendor to see what they stock. If it's convertable... save or sell the band.
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