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campy question(4 posts)

campy questionweiwentg
May 19, 2002 2:54 PM
1. what's the difference between the daytona and veloce ergo levers? any difference in durability?

2. can 10-speed levers shift a 9-speed derailleur?

3. can 10-speed levers and derailleurs shift a shimano 9-speed cassette? that's the setup that's probably going to go on the cross bike.
re: campy questionmackgoo
May 19, 2002 9:35 PM You need to replace the ratchet gear to go from 10sp to 9sp. You also need to be carefull about the year on 9sp's. Don't know about the model comparisons. Check out in the tech section and look at the diagrams. Probably not much difefrence with the exception of materials for weight.
re: campy questionMcAndrus
May 20, 2002 5:14 AM
1. I know Veloce is heavier and I believe the cam mechanism is inferior but I can't remember why. The Veloces have a break-in period where the shifting is stiff until some of the parts wear-in. After that (a couple of hundred miles) you won't be able to tell much difference in shifting.

2. Branford Bike will convert shifters. I had 8-speed Chorus shifters turned into 9-speed for about $75. They work very well. Personally I am skeptical of Campy's claim that the newer and older rear derailleurs are incompatible with different vintage shifters. I did a amateur yet thorough comparison of year 2000 derailleurs to 2001 derailleurs and the only difference I could find is that the 2001 rear derailleurs have a closer throw distance (tighter tolerance?) than the 2000s. If so, I'd expect the 2001+ derailleurs to work just fine with 2000- shifters but everyone says they're incompatible. Wish I could afford a $200 test drive to find out.

3. I believe this is not so. I've heard a 9-speed Campy setup will shift a Shimano 9-speed cassette acceptably well but 10-speed will not.
accurate answers...C-40
May 20, 2002 8:39 AM
1. You get what you pay for up to the chorus level. More money, better performance and (probably)longevity. Record is just lighter.

2. NO, not unless you convert the shifter to 9 speed with the proper year (pre or post 2001) rachet.

3. No one's ever asked this, but here are the facts:
Campy 10 cog spacing is 4.12mm compared to shimano 9's 4.32mm. The error is about the same .2mm per shift that you get using a campy 9 drivetrain to shift a shimano cassette (4.55mm vs. 4.32mm), only this time campy's shifting is is more closely spaced than the cassette. I would suspect that you would get the same mediocre result. If you can get a loose-cog shimano cassette, the spacers could be thinned down to match the campy shift spacing, but a 1.6mm spacer would also be needed to make up the difference in the total stack length. Then things should work pretty well, with a 10 speed chain.