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Does Shimano make a UN72 70x113???? (Italian thread)(2 posts)

Does Shimano make a UN72 70x113???? (Italian thread)gtx
May 19, 2002 9:12 AM
I know they make a 68x113 (English) but I can only find a 115 spindle in Italian thread. Anyone know anything about this or know where I can find a UN72 in 70x113? I realize that 2mm isn't a huge deal, but I would like to find a 113 (or 112--which is what the DA 7401 cranks call for). Thanks!
re: Does Shimano make a UN72 70x113???? (Italian thread)Guru_at_AmClassic
May 19, 2002 11:30 AM
Shimano doesn't make a 112, but they do make a 113x70 in a UN-72. It retails for about 32 USD. I would call up your local bike shop and have them give BTI-Bicycle Technologies Int. a call. Their 2002 catalog has it on page 151. The part number is SH-14733. Hope this helps.

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