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building up a bike?(6 posts)

building up a bike?nyedid
May 17, 2002 1:29 PM
How hard is it to build a bike (get component group, put it all together) if I've never done anything like it before? Do rear derailleurs come with the limit screws adjusted? Why would I have a shop do it? Thanks!
re: building up a bike?PatMatt
May 17, 2002 1:40 PM
If you have never built a bike before you will lack the tools and probably nthe know how to do it right. It also costs a lot more to buy all the parts individually and assemblwe them yourself. You are best off buying a stock bike with almost everything you need and then, if you must, swapping out the parts you want to upgrade like wheels, cranks, etc.

Building a bike from the frame up involves lots of steps like facing your headtube, pressing in your headset.. that require special tools. If you screw up you have no recourse but to kick your own ass so I wouldn't suggest it unless you've been working on bikes (yours or others) for a fair amount of time.
Agree...but it IS possible.cory
May 17, 2002 2:26 PM
PatMatt's right, but I might go for it anyway. I built my my first one years ago when I broke a mountain bike frame and got a new one, but not labor, on warranty. I'd only been riding a few months and had no idea about anything beyond how to fix a flat.
The dealer was a big help. He installed the bottom bracket fixed cup for me, and I didn't bother with facing (that means to make the opposing surfaces of the head tube and those of the BB exactly parallel--they often aren't when it comes from the factory. It's a good idea, but probably 90-plus percent of consumer bikes haven't been faced). If I were building a Colnago, I'd have it faced, but not for something like a Surly Crosscheck.
I've done a couple since then, including a new Atlantis, and several overhauls that amount almost to a new assembly. It's not THAT hard, and you can have a shop do the BB and headset if you don't want to fool with them.
re: building up a bike?legs
May 17, 2002 9:08 PM
I am confused. i though what you are describng is aligning the frame and that facing the bike is how one preps the threads in the bottom bracket.. (ie., cleaing out over spray from paint etc...)
(feeling dumb)..
re: building up a bike?DaveG
May 17, 2002 4:15 PM
There are a few things that require specialized tools and skills including BBs and headsets. It's probably not a good idea (nor cost effective) to take those on. If you are comfortable doing maintenance and repairs on your bike it should not be that difficult to handle the rest of the stuff. No, limit screws will not come already adjusted. My guess is that if that sounds too hard to you you might be in over your head. In that case, use the shop or find a knowledgable friend to assist. I
Don't be discouraged...Stampertje
May 19, 2002 6:35 AM
...the best way to learn is to try. Read up on the subject (either online, or invest in a book like Zinn's art of road bike maintenance). The only places where I feel you can really screw up the build are the headset (expensive tools, too, if it's threadless) and the bottom bracket (not so much installing as facing and prepping). I'm doing my first full build right now and I'm enjoying it very much, except the waiting-for-parts bit.