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Old Campy Hybrid Hub & Cogs ('84-'86) Help!(4 posts)

Old Campy Hybrid Hub & Cogs ('84-'86) Help!outfields63
May 15, 2002 2:00 PM
I don't know what Campognolo equipment I've got but I need help.

I bought this bike (Peugeot 12speed) new in 1986... I remember the guy telling me that it was just like the one Greg LeMond rode.... I don't fully believe that one then or now. Anyway, I have looked at everything on E-bay for a pic and nothing is similar to my rear derailer or freewheel and cogs.

The bike shop close by said it was a hybrid just before the cassett technology came out. The Freewheel and cogs come off as one piece then you can unscrew the bottom two cogs then the others come out individually.

Here's the problem: I need some larger cogs (23-25) because I live here in nevada (moved from Texas)and there is nothing flat. I can get a front ring down to 38. So my hope is that with the new combination of a small front ring and larger cogs in the rear (23-25) I'll be able to climb some of these damn mountains and get ready for the Death Ride. Can anyone Help. I'm also trying to figure out which campy derailers I have. Everything is still stock.
re: Old Campy Hybrid Hub & Cogs ('84-'86) Help!jaybird
May 16, 2002 6:09 AM
Got any pictures???
Bike shop ignorance: is it contagious?Kerry
May 16, 2002 5:07 PM
You have a Peugeot - LeMond never rode Peugeot, except maybe in an advertisement.

There was no such thing as a "hybrid" technology. You have a freewheel, and the freewheel can be disassembled by removing the bottom two cogs. The rest slide on the freewheel body, just like cassette cogs do now. To get replacement cogs, you'll need to know the brand name of the freewheel, and then start a search for the replacement cogs. The cogs themselves or the face of the freewheel (the side near the derailleur) will probably have the brand stamped on them. Regina freewheels were built as described, but other brands were as well. Until you find the brand name, you can't contemplate replacing the cogs. Otherwise, you need a new freewheel.
Bike shop ignorance: is it contagious?Guru_at_AmClassic
May 18, 2002 4:34 AM
Actually, he does have a hybrid of sorts! What you have is called HelicoMatic! it was made by Sachs Huret. It is a freewheel/cassette. There should be a lockring against the SMALLEST cog and once that is removed, the cogset will twist off like a corkscrew roller coaster. I hate to say it, But there are NO PARTS available for it. You should get a new rear wheel with the latest and great stuff(cassette technology). Hope that helps.

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