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Recommendations on custom built road wheels(5 posts)

Recommendations on custom built road wheelstmac13
May 15, 2002 1:20 PM
Looking to replace my Mavic Cosmos (don't stay true and front wheel not laterally stiff) I am 6'3, 195, have a Litespeed Tuscany w Ultegra, ride about 125 miles/week, 70% flat, 30% hills, about 6 Centuries a year. Will spend up to $600. Interested in recommendations about hubs, rims and spokes. Have heard good things about Velocity Aeroheaheads and Sun Venus, also Hugi hubs. Thoughts?
re: Recommendations on custom built road wheelsCAAD5 Kid
May 15, 2002 2:13 PM
I think we've beat this topic to death enough....but how about a set of chris king hubs laced to mavic open pro rims. Spoke choice, i'd say stick with (32) 14 gauge in a 3x and either brass nipples or spline drive nipples. You're a bigger rider and if you're not racing, there really isn't a huge performance advantage from going to DB spokes or radical lacing patterns and you'd lose some reliablity and stiffness (not to mention warranty on most hubs).
re: DB spokes are better in every waycollinsc
May 15, 2002 7:31 PM
Straight guage may only be stiffer laterally, but they will not be as strong or as compliant (making a comfortable riding wheels), using 32 3x basically makes lateral stiffness a moot point as well, you'd have to be pretty frickin huge to stress out a well built 32 3x rim, especially the kind were talking about here.

DB spokes are more vertically compliant, absorbing road abuse before it breaks the spoke (that is the major benefit over straight guage).

Stick to brass and 3x lacing. Chris King has few antagonists, and the Aeroheads are really just as good as the Open pros. All of these will build a solid wheel.
re: Recommendations on custom built road wheelsslow-ron
May 15, 2002 6:37 PM
I've run aeroheads, deep v's and I've had Sun Mistral rims but the easiest rims to lace and keep true are Mavic. Any Mavic. My favorite are Mavic Reflex. They've got something in the assembly process of these rims that just works. They are expensive, however.

You're running Shimano (can't suggest newer Chorus) and I've never ridden Hugi hubs but White Industries makes nice stiff hubs. Sealed cartridge bearings and a nice oversize shell. Also expensive. I once had a great set of wheels with Nuke Proof hubs but Nuke Proof went out of business.

Forget double butted. Go with 32 hole strait gauge. 2.0mm dia. X3 lacing for front and rear.

By the way, I weigh 200 so I've also had trouble keeping wheels true while riding on rough roads.
re: Recommendations on custom built road wheelsAndy M-S
May 16, 2002 10:30 AM
How about this:

Strong rims--Sun Me14A, "semi-aero" with eyelets.

DT double-butted 14/15/14 spokes.

Ultegra or DA or some exotic hubs...

I'm around 195 and ride more or less as you do, and after a few thousand miles my wheels have needed truing maybe ONCE...