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Speedplay Zeros(3 posts)

Speedplay Zerosdvenom125
May 14, 2002 9:55 PM
Has anyone tried out these pedals. I really need to get some pedals within the week, and dont know whether I should buy zeros or just go for the less expensive Look 396. I know they are new, but someone out there must have tried them.
re: Speedplay Zerosgonzo77
May 15, 2002 12:51 PM
I have em..had em about 2 months now and like them. I had looks before, changed them cause the pedal body kept falling off the axle. I like the adjustability of the zero's. Had to modify the cleat a little to get them to fit right on my shoe but no big deal. And yes they are very easy to get into and no i dont clip out when i sprint. They're a bit different from the X-Series SPeedplay because hey have a bit more resistance when unclipping. It's a very nice pedal.
re: Speedplay ZerosBacco
May 15, 2002 4:31 PM
I am still getting use to mine. One thing I found out the hard way is not to tighten the outer screws more than just to the point of being snug, otherwise, it flexes the cleat and greatly increases the force required to clip in. I haven't use them long enough to say anything about their long-term durability - that could be an issue given their design and the plastic material used. I really like the ability to adjust the float and how they feel in use. Good luck with whatever you buy.