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Shimano Hub + Campy Cassette?(6 posts)

Shimano Hub + Campy Cassette?goldsbar
May 14, 2002 1:21 PM
Hi, I'm ordering a new wheelset with a Shimano compatible hub. I'm also thinking of changing over to Campy (Chorus or Record 10sp) in the next few months. Will I have to replace the hub or are there 3rd party adaptors/cassettes?

You can do, it, but...DMoore
May 14, 2002 1:29 PM
It would make more sense to wait and do it all at one time, but you have at least two choices. Wheels Mfg. makes the "Accelerator" cassette, and Bill Shook designs also makes an adaptor cassette. Both of them are 10 cogs, Campy spacing, with splines designed to fit onto a Shimano freewheel body. Not all Shimano bodies are alike, however. Some wheels just won't accept the adaptor cassettes, and if you have a set of those wheels you'll be out of luck.

Opinions vary on the quality of the adapter cassettes. Some like them, some think they're not as good as all-Campy components.

Mavic also makes their "M-10" cassette body and cogs, and with that system you can pick and choose between cogs and spacers to create a 9 or 10 speed system that matches either Campy or Shimano. Reports on its shifting have not been very complimentary, however.

Really though, it seems like a questionable investment to spend a lot of $ on a new set of wheels, only to change your entire drivetrain to a different system a few months from now. I'd urge you to wait until you go Campy, and then buy a set of Campy compatible wheels. That way, you know everything will work properly.
bad idea...C-40
May 15, 2002 4:38 AM
Unless you have no other choice, you should wait and get a wheelset with campy compatible hubs.

Unless you have another bike that can use the shimano wheelset, I'd sell them and get campy wheels if you switch to a campy drivetrain.
our experience is that this works just fine...lonefrontranger
May 15, 2002 7:03 AM
IF you know what you're doing and get the proper instructions from your LBS.

My SO and I own 4 C-10 equipped bikes and 5 sets of wheels, all with Shimano freehub bodies (4 sets of Mavic Cosmos, 1 set of Zipp 303s). We have a crapload of C-10 / Shimano-splined cassettes of varying ratios. Most of them are the Wheels Accelerator 10s, plus 1 Mavic 10 that I mostly use on my cyclocross bike so I don't have to worry about wheel changes (see why below).

We've had zero problems with shifting with the Wheels cassettes, and reports of their being heavy are overexaggerated. They are somewhat expensive (if you buy the ti/steel ones). They shift no different from a Chorus or Record cassette because they are simply Campy cogs riveted to a Shimano splined carrier; you could do this yourself if you had the proper tools. Wheels makes two types; the "Ultegra" level and the "Dura-Ace" level. The "Dura-Ace" one is a ti/steel cassette built with Record cogs. All of the Wheels cassettes come packaged in a Ziploc baggie with a bunch of shims of varying widths, plus a spare cog spacer. DO NOT LOSE THESE! This is important, because we've discovered radical differences in the length of cassette bodies even between our 4 sets of Cosmos, and you may have to fiddle around with the shims to obtain correct "centering" (i.e. the cassette isn't binding on the hub flange, and all the cogs are tight with the lockring at proper torque spec). ALSO, the C-10 lockring is a different depth depending on whether it has a 12 or 11 small cog, so when switching back and forth between cassettes with a 12 or 11 outer, you must correspondingly *change the shims*; this remains true if you use a Campy hub as it's a Campy idiosyncrasy, not a fault in the Wheels design. IMNSHO the reason folks might have problems mounting and shifting the Wheels cassettes is that they haven't been taught how to shim and center them correctly.

I haven't experienced any shifting problems at all, EXCEPT when switching back & forth between the Wheels and the Mavic. The Mavic body seems like it is 1mm offset or something like that, so regardless of how I shim it, I find I have to play with the rear mech a bit to compensate. I also cannot use the Mavic cassette at all on the Zipp wheels; the Mavic 10 will only work on Mavic wheels.

We've been using the Wheels / Shimano-splined C-10 systems in our stable since mid-2000 with great success. It meant we could buy all those sets of Cosmos, which are reasonably light and affordable "kit" wheels without the angst of changing freehub bodies. We will probably never switch.
A good reason to run 9 speed.unchained
May 15, 2002 4:40 PM
Besides the chain issues.

I am using Spinergy Wheels/Ultegra 9 Cassette/DuraAce Chain with Campy 9 Rear Derailleur and Indexed Shifters. It works great right out of the box, without adapters.

Ultegra Cassettes are cheap, light and available in a great range of ratios (see

Do you really need 10 cogs on the rear? If not 9 gives you the choice of running Campy or Shimano wheels. I've heard that the 9 speed chains will last longer than the 10 as well.

Campy still makes Record and Chorus 9 Speed Groupos.
agreed, but 10 is really nice becauselonefrontranger
May 15, 2002 7:02 PM
I can run a 12-25 that still has a 16 AND an 18. Need all the big cogs for those things they call mountains, need the close spacing in the middle for crits.

I used to run a 12-25 7-speed and thought all those extra gears were overrated. Boy was I ever wrong. Having the 16 and the 18 means I'm no longer shifting back & forth searching for that nonexistent "miracle gear" late in the race when my legs are nearly fried.