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Ultegra question(6 posts)

Ultegra questionKEN2
May 13, 2002 10:33 AM
Does anyone know if all recent Ultegra 9 speed STI left shifters are triple-compatible? And how can I tell which model # I have--there seem to be at least three, the 6500, 6501, and 6510. What are the differences?

I have 2001 model year Ultegra shifters, and I'm looking to convert from double to triple and sure would love to save $200 on new shifters if I don't need them.
re: Ultegra questiongrzy
May 13, 2002 11:13 AM
Your current shifters will work fine for a triple drivetrain setup. All 9 speed Ultegras are triple compatible - there isn't a seperate PN for triple vs. double. The different PN's relate to Flight Deck compatible or not and the latest PN is for the slightly redesigned caps that rattle loose and get lost. All you really need is the crank, BB, front and rear der.s, and a nlonger chain. The triple front der. has a different cage plate - you really do need it (and it's cheap).
re: Ultegra questionKEN2
May 13, 2002 11:23 AM
Thanks, that really saves the $$$ on the conversion. Was going to upgrade to DA triple STI but now I can wait until the Ultegra levers fry out.

I also hear some concerns about how reliably the Ultegra triple front shifts from large to middle ring--some say it tends to bypass that detent and hit the granny. Comments?
Ultegra triple commentsfloatch
May 13, 2002 12:06 PM
My Ultegra triple shifts absolutely perfectly. I've NEVER had it drop straight to the granny. Personally, I think chainline/adjustment issues are causing screwy shifts, not "poor" Ultegra shifting. Ultegra stuff is awesome!
May 13, 2002 1:27 PM
My Ultegra triple shifts fine. I've never had it miss the middle ring.
May 13, 2002 1:44 PM
Ultegra triple shifts great IF setup correctly. Problem is there aren't a lot of people who seem to have the time or knack to do it right. Fact of the matter is that the engineers at Shimano don't miss much (well there are lever issues) and the stuff works great with the proper care and feeding. If you abuse your bike and neglect the maintenance then you will have problems. The good news is that a poorly working system can usually be put into top working order by skilled hands.