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Whipperman Chain(3 posts)

Whipperman Chainnetso
May 13, 2002 4:36 AM
I broke my DA chain this weekend. It was rusty and noisy. I ordered a whipperman 9sp chain from Performance. Is it any good or just hype?
re: Whipperman Chaintarwheel
May 13, 2002 5:13 AM
I just installed a Wipperman 10-speed chain two weeks ago on my bike. So far it's working great. Others on this board and other sites have reported excellent results with the Wipperman chains. They have been making chains a very long time, and their "superlink" works great.
Great so farjw25
May 15, 2002 6:03 AM
I'm running 2 804 (8-speed) and 2 905 (9-speed) Wippermans, after taking a chance on a warehouse sale. Thanks, Thorsten!
Anywho, both are comparable to SRAM chains, which I've used an liked in the past. Neither are stainless, though, which is what I assume you ordered.
I find the Connex-link easy to use, easier than the SRAM powerlink. Do follow the instructions, though, as they need to be installed a certain way. Don't know what happens if you get it backwards, but it's so easy, why find out?
The 8 speeds are on my TT and cross bike, so haven't seen too much mileage, but the 9 speeds are on my race bikes, road and off. Both have seen a few races, and plenty of training miles, and look new. No wear to the rollers yet, though we're under a thousand miles on each.
All run quiet, and shift as well as SRAM (I haven't used Shimano chain in years, so can't compare).
So, I think you'll be happy with it. Even though it's stainless, you'll still want to clean and lube it, but you'll get a longer window of opportunity after rain rides.