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Cinelli Pinnochio stem prob(2 posts)

Cinelli Pinnochio stem probAndrew_Smith
May 11, 2002 1:14 PM
I've just bought a Cinelli Pinnochio stem.

I'm having trouble fitting it - the red bolt at the top of the expander bolt doesn't seem to be fixed to the main length of the expander bolt. So when I try to tighten the stem up in the forks, the top bolt just spins around uselessly, and the wedge bolt just stays where it is.

Is something broken, or am I missing something here?
re: Cinelli Pinnochio stem probDrD
May 15, 2002 5:10 AM
I believe the red cap is just a decoration - it should pull out/unscrew and then allow you to tighten the expansion bolt.