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Campy 8-speed(2 posts)

Campy 8-speedpessot
May 11, 2002 9:11 AM
I bought a used bike with a campy 8-speed Racing triple and am having a problem
with the rear derailleur adjustment. The 8 speed cassette is odd in that
is it a 12-25, with the 2nd cog being a 15.
When I adjust the derailleur so that it shifts up cleanly from 12 to 15,
it won't shift down from 25 to 23.
When I adjust the derailleur so that it shifts down cleanly from25 to 23,
it won't shift upfrom12 to 15. I think my problem is that the 12 to 15
is a big jump. I don't use the 12 that often and when I do, its unsettling.
Is there an adjustment I'm missing or should I replace the 12t with a 13t
or maybe the 15t with a 14t, or for about $30 bucks just get a complete
13-26 cassette? Will any of these fix my shifting problems?
May 11, 2002 10:36 AM
This site has all the info on campy cogs. The previous owner made a very bad cog set-up. A 12-15 jump is ridiculous.

Individual cogs are pricey. If the cogs have much wear, it would be better to just buy a new cassette with the desired range. If there are options, get the cheapest available. Old 8 speed stuff isn't worth spending much money on.