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Campy 10 Cogset on a Daytona 9 Speed?(4 posts)

Campy 10 Cogset on a Daytona 9 Speed?Fausto
May 11, 2002 3:29 AM
Any Campy expert know if I can take my wheel with a Campy 10 cogset and use it on my Daytona 9 speed? Without adjustment? Would this damage the 10 cog in any way?

Thanks in advance for a kind reply.
This will not work...9 speed is not compatible with 10 speedCima Coppi
May 11, 2002 3:59 AM
The spacing of the 10 speed cogset is too narrow for any 9 speed shifters. There is no way to adjust for this.

Assuming both wheels have campy hubs, your best bet would be to remove the 10 speed cassette on the wheelset in question, and put the 9 speed cogset on it.

Good luck

Thank you <eom>Fausto
May 11, 2002 4:11 AM
re: Campy 10 Cogset on a Daytona 9 Speed?pa rider
May 13, 2002 5:28 AM
You can check out the campy website at to see the FAQ for other questions.

I wanted some 10 speed questions about triple crank options and found most of the answers in the FAQ. Sounds like the ten speed aren't too compatable with the nine speed.

Hope this helps,