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Help with computer(2 posts)

Help with computerkhockey19
May 9, 2002 7:29 PM
Hey everyone i need some help here with a problem i've got on my hands... i've got myself a Giant TCR 0 from '01 and i have no damn clue how i can get a computer on the thing... First i need to find a magnet that fits the aero spokes on the Ksyriums... i kind of have that solved but im not too sure if the one i've got is gonna wobble around. then i didn't even tink about my Aero Carbon "Blade" Fork that all Giant's have... i went through three sencors today.. broke one and the other two wouldn't stay put im getting really agrivated but i know there's a computer/magnet combination that has to work since ONCE don't seem to be going computerless.
so hopefully someone out there knows what to do about this and i'll also post this in the General forum area just b/c i feel more people check there so don't get too mad about that 8)
re: Help with computerBeaver
May 10, 2002 6:49 AM
I have the same bike but different wheels. I am running Ritchey wheels with bladed spokes.

You have 3 options on the magnet:
1. Use double sided tape to adhere the magnet to the spoke
2. Superglue or silicon the magnet to the spoke
3. Purchase the magnet made by Mavic

Don't know what kind of computer you are tyring to mount, but the computers I've used on my TCR have all been wireless: Sigma, Specialized and Ciclosport. Haven't had a problem with any of them in mounting the sensors. Just make sure that you mount the sensor close to the hub, the profile of the aero blade fork doesn't work well with the sensor mounted up higher.