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DMT shoes and spd cleats(1 post)

DMT shoes and spd cleatsstella
May 8, 2002 8:10 AM
hi all. thought i'd pass this tip on. if you have the new model dmt shoes with the adapter plates for spd, here goes. the shoe has the two spd bolt holes in a fixed position, and if these are used they will only work for about 10% of the riders out there, and the force of the bolts will deform the plate as there is a gap under the plate. I don't know about other spd non-da cleats, but the ritcheys come with a stainless slider. after grinding the corners down a bit on the belt sander it fits perfect under the plate recess as does the ritchey supplied bolt plate. now you can use the original cleat bolts and adjust the shoe position any way your knees and feet like. i did have to grind down some of the outer surface of the plate so the shoe would't rock on the ritchy pedal...carefully. good info on this board, thanks.