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Some things I really like!(2 posts)

Some things I really like!Bacco
May 7, 2002 6:52 PM
Over the past 6 months I tried various new items - some I liked and some I didn't. The ones listed below I would highly recommend.

Headsweats (in Coolmax) - I sweat profusely and this bandana-like head covering keeps the sweat out of my eyes and keeps my bald head comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

Boston Bill "Ultra" Sunglasses - only $20, but I like them better than sunglasses I paid many times more for. The ventilation holes, eyebrow pad, and wide field of view work well for me biking, and the polycarbonate lenses are good.

Pearl Izumi Ultrasensor Riding Shorts - really, really comfortable.

Spinerval Videotapes - great exercise tapes for when I can't get outside or go the spinning classes at my fitness center.

Selle San Marco Era Saddle (and the bike it came with - the Lemond Zurich) - a big improvement over my old Avocet O2 Titanium saddle in comfort.

Michelin Axial Carbon Tires - I replaced the Axial Pros on my training bike with these and have been quite pleased.

Bike Peddler Take-a-look Mirror - I tried many brands and types of mirrors and threw them all away until I read about this one in this Discussion Group; it attaches to my sunglasses and works great. Thanks for the tip!

What are your latest and greatest finds that you would highly recommend?
My list...Andy M-S
May 8, 2002 5:09 AM
Axial Carbons. So far, they seem very good (if only that yellow strip wasn't wandering all over the place!).

Specialized Allez helmet. You can get the ugly color for $21 on special, and you won't find a better helmet for less than $50-60. The front port on this helmet is positioned UNDER the sweat pad, so you really do get cool, and the retention system makes it very secure.

Shimano 6500 rear derailer. Oversized, for all the right reasons.

Profile handlebar tape. It's tough, and you can move it if you make a mistake. Who needs glue?

Carradice Carradura saddlebag and SQR quick release. Why NOT take the kitchen sink? And you don't need to mount a rack!