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Bad freehub?(4 posts)

Bad freehub?dtjtdt
May 6, 2002 5:41 PM
I just purchased a new wheelset, Shimano WH-R535 and the new Ultrega cassette I put on wobbles enough to cause chain noise that shouldn't be there (really irritating) even when pedaling (and yes the derailler is adjusted properly). The amount of wobble when coasting is the worst I have ever seen. I have checked installation and have even taken the freehub off to make sure everything was OK, it was. I then put on a 105 cassette which has functioned well and the problem is still there so I know the freehub is the culprit. In researching this site I understand this to be a known inherent problem with shimano caused by bearing alignment within the freehub and that usually it is tolerated. The question is am I being to intolerant, should I send the freehub to Shimano for warranty or am I dreaming I will get a replacement?
That's a qualitative question.Spoke Wrench
May 7, 2002 7:22 AM
Why don't you ask a bike mechanic who can actually see how much wobble you have?
That's a qualitative question.dtjtdt
May 7, 2002 5:16 PM
Of course that would be best although I hate to bother them with something that they might not profit from. Eventually I will when I need something else done but there is very little I ask the LBS to since I do most of my own bike build-up and maintainance. I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of trouble with a freehub body.
That's a qualitative question.Spoke Wrench
May 8, 2002 5:12 AM
I've never seen a Shimano freehub body that had a bearing problem like you describe. I think more likely problems would include:
1. The freehub body isn't snugly attached to the hub body.
2. Wrong cassette spacers or a too loose cassette.
3. Bent axle.