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Proper Aero bar set up(2 posts)

Proper Aero bar set upkalby
May 6, 2002 12:41 PM
I just borrowed a pair of aero bars from a friend for a time trial and was wondering what the proper set up is in terms of: distance from the stem, as well as angle of the bars,any help would be appreciated
re: Proper Aero bar set upDougSloan
May 6, 2002 7:33 PM
I put my as near as possible to the stem. I angle them so that my forearms are slightly up, hands higher than elbows.

The idea is to get narrow. However, if the pads are adjustable laterally, I'd start wide and work in over a few weeks as you get used to them.

I train on them before the event; you use slightly different muscles in that position.

Also, some aerobar rules (even though you are using for time trial):

*don't use in pacelines, especially following

*don't use in hairy descents

*don't use near lots of traffic without a good wide shoulder

*more or less, use common sense; your control of steering and braking is greatly reduced; come off them if you have any doubts of controlling the bike

*don't be suprised if people don't want to ride near you, even if you are not using them at the time; some have a fear of aerobar users, right or wrong

*for time trials, stay down as much as you can, except cornering or climbing