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Stem, fork and bar - exactly what should get grease?(5 posts)

Stem, fork and bar - exactly what should get grease?sodade
May 6, 2002 8:01 AM
Sorry for asking an RTFMish question, but the FM (Zinn) is not very clear on this subject.


Fork - Carbon Fiber (ouzo pro)
Stem - Al (TTT Forgie)
Bar - Al (TTT Forma)

(p.s. Headset - integrated, Frame - Ti)

I am experiencing massive front end creakage. Can someone tell me the precise contact points (including bolts) in the front end that need grease, what kind and how much?

Mucho Appreciado
I'll say in advance that you are not receiving the most informedbill
May 6, 2002 12:45 PM
view possible. I'll just let you know what I would do.
Don't know squat about integrated headsets. With the regular kind you're going to end up with grease smeared all around liberally in the cup and cone areas (you know, on the bearings).
LIGHT film on the stem to steerer contact area, stem to bar contact area. Really, really light. Almost none. Put some on and wipe it off, leaving a sheen. Just enough to stop the squeaking.
Fairly liberally on all bolts.
What about the stem/bar contact point? -nt-sodade
May 6, 2002 3:22 PM
Yers isn't either...........Rusty Coggs
May 6, 2002 4:24 PM
My instructions say no grease on a carbon steerer.I've also never used grease on the bar stem clamo either.Hard enough to keep many of them from slipping,and they don't creak with no grease at least in my experience.Grease on the bolts is ok.
I MEANT my advice. I'll say this, humility isn't allbill
May 7, 2002 8:48 AM
that it's cracked up to be. I come out humble and I get humble-whipped all over again.
There is some thought that grease degrades carbon, which I've also heard is bunk. You may be right, although I've never had any trouble and won't until it all fails catastrophically. At which point you no doubt will nudge the body with your foot and say, "I told you so."
A little (I really do mean a little) grease on the bar-stem contact, though, I think is generally advised if you don't want to deal with squeaking. I also think that there's some thought that a little grease could help prevent the dry-rattle jarring that maybe could result in a failure of the bars.
I'm just a parrot, man. I don't have any independent thoughts; I just repeat what I've been told. If I've been told wrong, you let me know.