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8 Speed dura ace cassette question(2 posts)

8 Speed dura ace cassette questiondan ida
May 5, 2002 5:02 PM
I recently got a used wheel that is 8 speed dura ace. Will ultegra cassttes fit and be usable? Is the dura ace cassette only lighter?

If I use more current 9 speed 53-39 rings, do I use the ( spped chian or ?????

Depends on your freehub--uniglide or hyperglidetanman
May 7, 2002 6:16 AM
Depends what type DA freehub. If the cassette is held by a lockring--it's Hyperglide and you can use 105/Ultegra/DA cassettes, 8 or 9 speeds, but probably not 11t first cog. If the cassette locks down by a screw-on first cog, it's uniglide, then you'll have to upgrade the freehub body because the spline pattern is different (Uniglide)--and not cheap (around $60-80 for the freehub body). Check for detailed info on your options re: DA freehubs.

Don't know enough about the differences in cassettes, except that DA 9 speed has Ti cogs in a spider, whereas Ultegra uses steel cogs. I use a 105 9 speed cassette on an upgraded DA freehub, and it's working out just fine.

I wouldn't worry about front chainrings and the chains--BUT make sure to match chains with cassettes, i.e., 9 speed cassette with 9 speed chain, and 7/8 with 7/8. I'm using a 9 speed chain and set-up with old 6/7 speed cranks--no problems.