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custom built or prebuilt(2 posts)

custom built or prebuiltsushiken
May 4, 2002 8:24 PM
I am in a bit of a cunundrum as to what wheels to put on my new marinoni ultrafoco. I weigh a paltry 130 pounds and need to decide between protons or chorus hub, ambriosio excellight rims custom built. my deciding factors will be weight, comfort and durability. Are there any other factors I should consider into the equation? My primary use is for training, the odd century and metric century and perhaps in the future a bit of racing. Probably irrelevent but I am 45 years old. Also any suggestions on spoke lacing and guage would be appreciated.
Depends on your builderboneman
May 5, 2002 12:43 AM
I'm at 60kg and have a set of custom built wheels using Excellight rims. I also ride on a pair of Campy 2002 Neutron's which are not all that different from the Protons. Both sets of wheels use the same tires and I find the Neutron's to be just slightly more responsive when sprinting and climbing out of the saddle. After that, it's a toss up. Durability and ride quality of both has been good.

My Excellights are 32 hole, 3x using Sapim Laser spokes with alloy nipples, built up by Paul Hewitt who has a great reputation here in the UK. Between using different spokes, drive versus non-drive in the rear (nothing new) and his build technique, he's able to reduce the differential in spoke tension beween the drive and non-drive sides. It's what everybody strives for but it's not that easy.

If you don't have a good builder, I'd think about going with the Protons, otherwise it gets down to cost and personal preferences. I don't find them to be that different.