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Sachs 7speed freewheels with Shimano?(1 post)

Sachs 7speed freewheels with Shimano?niednagl
May 3, 2002 1:23 PM
Does anyone have any experience with Sachs/SRAM 7-speed freewheels (not the Aris, but the cheaper # SM-FWU7)

My old Dura-Ace twist-tooth freewheel isn't shifting quite like it used to, and I'm going for the cheap fix to squeeze one more season out of my old Bianchi.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience running these with shimano drivetrains?
(My current setup: Dura-Ace chainrings, Rohloff SLT-99 chain, Ultegra rear der., Ultegra barcons, new cables and a straightened der. hanger)