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Dead battery in a Polar HRM(9 posts)

Dead battery in a Polar HRMPaulCL
May 2, 2002 5:50 AM
Do I have to send it to Polar??? OK, I'm cheap. I don't want to spend the postage, the $10 minimum fee, and the two weeks without my HRM. Can I take it to a watch shop and have them put in the battery??? Is there any trick to it??

I know having a non-Polar approved person open the back will void the warranty. Polar wants me to give them approval on up to $59 to look at it. NOT. Sorry, I can buy my same HRM new for $79.95 - so I won't spend $59 for a four year old HRM.

Thanks. Paul
re: Dead battery in a Polar HRMdavtnyc
May 2, 2002 6:04 AM
i changed the battery myself, just remove the back plate with a tiny screwdriver and carefully pop out the battery. there was a small retainer piece that was tricky to replace but not impossible.
re: Dead battery in a Polar HRMWise Guy
May 2, 2002 6:25 AM
I don't like messing with small watch parts so I took mine to a Jewelry store and they replaced it while I waited for about $7. Be sure to ask them take care not to damage the seal and to reinstall it. Quick, easy and inexpensive fix for me!
Yank It!grzy
May 2, 2002 9:31 AM
It's butt simple and I've never had a problem. Just take your time and use one of those tiny screwdrivers, although I've done it with my Swiss Army knife many times. The case may have the battery type stamped on the back - usually it's a 2309. Will cost about $3 and take you 15 minutes. Just make sure you put it in the correct way and that the seal is seated correctly.
If you aren't gonna swim with itColnagoFE
May 2, 2002 9:36 AM
just have a jeweler change it or do it yourself. The only thing you get from Polar is that they replace the o-ring and test the waterproofness of it.
Had a watch company do itPaulCL
May 2, 2002 11:31 AM
Charged me $15 including the battery and a vaccuum seal to keep it waterproof - also came with a 2 year free replacement warranty. I could have done it myself for about $7, but laziness took over. Thanks. Paul
If you aren't gonna swim with itgrzy
May 2, 2002 3:45 PM
But you can swim with it if you do it yourself. I once took a watch to a jewler for a new battery b/c I didn't have the special tool (not a Polar) and paid for the leak testing. Damn thing leaked as soon as I went surfing. Went back and when the bone head went to "prove" to me that he did it right it leaked right at the seal. The very thing that I paid him for in the first place. It's really simple but they can screw it up just as easily as you can. The Polar desing is so easy you'd have to be on drugs to mess it up.
sending to PolarDaveG
May 2, 2002 4:23 PM
Battery died earlier this year on my Polar. I decided to send it in. "Watch" battery was about $10. Also traded in the transmitter for a new one for $25. That's still a lot cheaper than a HRM equal quality. Had it back in about 10 days. I expect to get another 3-4 years from it.
re: Dead battery in a Polar HRMJuanmoretime
May 3, 2002 7:27 AM
I've replaced the battery, it's a piece of cake. just be careful of the o ring seal. With polars you will find you extend the battery life of the chest transmiter by washing and drying right after use. I found out the hard way and killed a battery in less that a year. It keeps transmitting until it's dry. It's seems with Polars, I've had three diferent models, they work great at first and than after the first year, you start getting intermittant signals. I've tryed a lot of brands and actually have found the Performance HRM 600 to be the best.