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help to stiffen my front fork suspension(4 posts)

help to stiffen my front fork suspensionJBJ
Apr 30, 2002 7:39 PM
I am a novice bike rider who just bought a bike to get into shape. I trusted my local bike dealer to fit me and I bought a Rocky Mountain Whistler.....I like the bike, I have enjoyed riding.....200 miles and 10 lbs lighter......
My problem....the front suspension fork bottoms out with my weight.....the local dealer says too seems like strong springs would fix the problem, but I have no idea where to find the right ones...
I am looking for stiff springs for my front suspension......I weigh about 210 (but losing)....
The bike I have is a Rocky Mountain Whistler SN 7B1090870 which is a 19.5 inch frame.
The front fork is an RST TR-Pro II SN 074A1830.
Does there exist a stiff springsto replace in my suspension?
Where might I be able to buy them?
Preload? Don't know that specific fork, but...cory
May 1, 2002 6:51 AM
I don't know anything about that specific fork, but most have a preload adjustment on 'em somewhere. My backup mountain bike still has an old Rock Shox Q21R, and even when I weighed 250, I couldn't bottom it out when it was set hard.
As for aftermarket springs, that's a very common upgrade, but sometimes hard to find for a low-end fork (if that's what you have; I dunno). Check some other dealers (you might need a new one anyway), or Loose Screws,
re: help to stiffen my front fork suspensionpa rider
May 1, 2002 8:43 AM
Hi JB. The only good market spring kit I know of to upgrade is speed speedsprings. I can't find any websites who sell them, but found a search over on WWW.MTBR.COM saying they cost $60. You may find them on ebay. The search had that as a comment.

The RST models are low entry shocks and if you ride hard will need to upgrade that shock anyway. I'm monitoring ebay for manitou shocks to see what they sell for. You can possibly get one for under $100. I found is selling 2001 SX for $130.

I'm running a 2000 SX now and they all have the same problem after 1 year use. The bushing wear out and the fork flexes sideways, for manitou. I ride hard, so that's a reasonable time frame for me. I use to pay $300 to $400 for fork and have to upgrade every year.

I plan on buying closeout forks or get one off of ebay. I seen one go for $75 yesterday on ebay because it was 2000 model and the person upgrade the fork.

I never had good luck with the speed springs for my old use seatpost. They do make harder springs that should stiffen up your fork, but they may not make it for your RST fork.

If your LBS can't help you then ask on

I couldn't find anybody who sales them at pricepoint or supergo.

RST forksSpoke Wrench
May 1, 2002 9:31 AM
RST sells the steerer assembly separately from the rest of the fork. If your current fork doesn't have a pre-load adjustment or replaceable springs, your LBS should be able to get you a replacement lower assembly that does.