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Q? about 1-piece & 2-piece cranks & BB's(4 posts)

Q? about 1-piece & 2-piece cranks & BB'stimfire
Apr 30, 2002 6:21 AM
I have an old/cheap mountain bike that has a 1-piece american-sized crank. Now, my goal is to put clipless pedals on it, but they won't fit on the 1/2" threads.

Now I know the better but expensive option is just replace the BB and cranks, but that's probably more money than this bike is worth.

So I was wondering about 2-piece cranks. There are a number of BMX companies that make 2-piece cranks, but are 2-piece cranks Euro or American sized? Meaning, could I just get a 2-piece crank and swap it for the 1-piece? (I can get some 2-piece cranks with 9/16 threads.)

I was just wondering what my options were.

P.S.: If anyone knows of any 1-piece cranks that have 9/16" threads, that would work, too.

--Timothy Kleinert
Not cost effective.Spoke Wrench
Apr 30, 2002 6:42 AM
I'll sell you a brand spanking new Trek 800 Sport for $220.00 with every single part brand new, every single part designed to work with every other part and a new bike warranty. It's a WAY better bike in every way than what you have now. That's the bogie that you have to beat.

You can buy a euro-style bottom bracket that will fit your bike and a crankset that will fit your bike for about $100.00. If you do that, however, you are going to find that that it probably won't work very well with your chain and derailleurs. In other words, you'll have spent $100.00 and still have a POS bike.

If it was me, I'd buy the Trek.
Maybe, maybe nottimfire
Apr 30, 2002 10:55 AM
I know that I could spend $200-300 and get a bike that's far better than the one I has now, but that's still $200-300. I'm just trying to set up a beater/ rain bike.

I saw BigCheese offers a 2-piece crank that appears to be the same size as a 1-piece, and can be bought with a 9/16" thread. The 2-piece goes for around $40. $40 +$30 for pedals is alot cheaper than $200 for a new bike.

But that's if a 2-piece is American and not Euro sized. On the BigCheese website they didn't have any sort of conact information listed, so I couldn't email them and ask them. I was hoping maybe someone on this board knew.

--Timothy Kleinert
A fool learns through experience.Spoke Wrench
May 1, 2002 4:38 AM
A wise man learns through other peoples experience.

I don't know where you are getting your prices. Your $40.00 price for Big Cheese cranks sounds to me like a pretty good price for the two crank arms only. You still need a bottom bracket, the third piece on a three piece crank set. The good news for you is that it comes in sizes that will fit both one piece crank bottom bracket shells and the smaller "euro" bb shells. The bad news is that it is going to add to your projected cost.

Next thing is: What are you going to use for chainrings? I wouldn't bet on just transferring the ones from your present set up. BMX three piece cranks position the chainring pretty close to the frame. I suspect you are going to find the chainrings rub the frame if you try to simply install your existing cluster.

Putting on a BMX chainring isn't much better. You won't have a very fast high gear and the chain will bounce off of it a lot unless you keep the front derailleur as a guide. Your front derailleur isn't going to match the curve of the chainring very well so its going to look goofy.

This looks to me like a whole lot of trouble and expense just to put clipless pedals on a not-so-good bike. Oh - you better budget some money for shoes too.