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Rims for light wheels(9 posts)

Rims for light wheelspeterdingles
Apr 29, 2002 8:46 PM
I have a new set of Chris King hubs (28 hole) and want to build a good light set of wheels. My question is what type of rims I should build these on. I was thinking of using Revo spokes. Can anybody suggest what I should use to build my wheels, rims and spokes. I currently ride a set of Spox M1's. Since I think King hubs are AWESOME I plan on riding these wheels all the time and not as a "race only wheelset" but I also want them light because I will race on them. Thanks for looking and your suggestions. My weight is 157 lbs.
re: Rims for light wheelsWoof the dog
Apr 29, 2002 10:43 PM
do you want to build a tubular wheelset or a clincher?

you probably want clincher if you want to ride it often and race. In this case I would recommend velocity aerohead rims. They are good rims, I have looked into rims before choosing these. i didn't hear any negatives other than sometimes uneven braking surface at the rim joint, overtime they wear down and are smooth as butter. They are very solid but light rims at something like 410 grams. no eyelets. I have al. nipples + rear drive side in brass. You shouldn't pay more than 50 bucks a rim, and I would get them in black or ti color as powder coat of any other color looks cheesy. Oh, that triangular profile's so strong! Rims will fill up with water a tiny bit in heavy rain, but that will happen with a lot of rims. It is not aerodynamic but light.

I would go 2x on the rear wheel both sides, as radial has no advantage and may not last as long, and if you plan on gaining weight...
i am not sure, but i think you can build up radially with CK front, no? thats what i would do if the flange is thick enough - u gotta have some yuppy factor too ya know, so use black spokes. I think revolutions do come in black.

You could also try 350gr. shook rims, but they are up there in sketchiness i think. Velocity rims seem to be your best bet. I wouldn't say there is such a huge choice for a good quality-wise and light clincher rim. There are open pros, velocities, and then the quality seems to me to get progressively worse. You hear all these stories about sun rims cracking and what not, etc. unless its Zipps or some other expensive stuff. Rims are getting heavier and heavier these days, must be all this low spoke count sh!t. Tubular Mavic gel 280 is not being produced anymore I heard. Why not? Just make them in 32 holes and people won't have any problems. Campy limited their variety of rims as well.

If you want a tubular rim, you could shop around for old mavic gel 280 rims which are damn light, or you could just buy that tubular velocity rim, forgot whats it called. I think la bicicletta has a choice of some tubular rims. You could pay for Zipp rims, but that would be darn expensive.

then there is this whole issue of aerodynamics, and obviously you'd have a heavier rim if you want it to be aero. V. aeroheads are basically a box-section rim.

what else is out there people?


Woof the dog.
Cheap Aeroheads?Nessism
Apr 30, 2002 6:19 AM
Check out Nashbar. 28 hole black for $20 each. Check out the Hot Deals forum for a 10% off code.

I say forget the disco radial lacing, 3X baby! And 14/15 with brass on the drive side rear.

Cheap Aeroheads?Woof the dog
Apr 30, 2002 10:10 AM
there is no difference between 3x and 2x. 2x looks a little bit cleaner, might as well go for it. What about 1x eh?

I also heard something about those rims being older style or something like that. Anyone care to enlighten?


Woof the cake eating dog.
Cheap Aeroheads?roadietoo
Apr 30, 2002 4:05 PM
I bought thru Nashbar and the rims were not machined. The braking surface is anadized black
re: Rims for light wheelsWoof the dog
Apr 29, 2002 11:00 PM, i think he sells rims separate 32 bucks is a steal. not sure though.
good luck

Woof the real alternative dog.
Real world experience.JS
May 1, 2002 7:54 AM
I like open pros or maybe Ritcheys. Don't listen to people when it comes to NOT using thin spokes(Revo's, wheelsmith XL-14's)al nipples or radial lacing. At your weight you'll have no problems using them. I have raced and ridden radial/3-cross rear wheels on the MTB and road bike for years without a problem. Most people who have wheel problems actually have the "American" problem, to many big macs. I'm 150lbs and my current set of training wheels are a 3 year old set of open pros laced with Revo's, radial front, radial rear non drive, 3-cross drive with Ultegra hubs and alloy nipples. These wheels have over 10,000 miles on them and are still going strong. One caveat, with my latest race wheel build I had an issue with DT spokes (different j-bend lengths) and switched to Wheelsmith xl-14's and I really like those spokes, something to consider.
Real world experience.atpjunkie
May 1, 2002 2:53 PM
since you are only 157 I see no problem straight and straight / 2x (rear). I tend to agree with JS on this. I on the other hand have the "American Problem"...sort of. I'm 6'4"+ 230 lb ex rower/waterpolo player, I don't eat Big Macs just am a big person. I was 6"2" 150 when I was 12 and anemic. I was Marco Pantani's size when I was in 6th grade. I can flex a thin spoked straight lace wheel climbing or sprinting. Oh well I guess I'll never make Cat 1. Keep your eyes peeled for me on the descents, I'll be coming up fast.
Good Luck
Regarding the Aeroheadsjustina
May 3, 2002 6:02 AM
They are a light rim and super cheap at Nashbar. However, they aren't eyeletted. This means no alloy nipples unless you want to risk siezing them up. Both being aluminum they will weld themselves in place over time, then you're out spokes nipples and rims when they go out of true. You'll need to use brass nipples, so add 20g per wheel. Now they weigh the same as Open Pros. Some claim non-eyeletted rims are also less durable as they can pull through easier, but I have no personal experience here. But for $20 you'll have comparable weight to Open Pros at less than 1/2 the price. Just no cool colored nipples if that's your thing.