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Aerobars for TT?(6 posts)

Aerobars for TT?zk3
Apr 29, 2002 8:20 AM
At the begining of the season I bought some of the easton C-90 CF bars, I think they have a wonderful feel to them :-) but I can't use the clip-on areobars with them, I thought about risking it since I'm only 135 lbs but from reading the boards it sounds like weight load isn't the issue. Next weekend I have a triathlon, and after that hopefully some uscf racing with some TT's.

So my question is for the tri next weekend and maybe some TT's this summer would it be easier to a) put on my other non CF bars and stem back on and clip the aero bars onto it or b) buy an aero profile (with the shifters on aero bars and the funny breaks) and switch them out... I don't like these options but they make sense... c) are there any CF bars out there that let you use clip on aero bars? and use those d) give up on a CF bar for the racing season so I can just simply clip on and off at will with the areo bars ( and what would you suggest?)
re: Aerobars for TT?Jekyll
Apr 29, 2002 8:42 AM
I would guess the "easiest" thing to do would be to swap your old bar with the Easton as this would only require moving the shift/brake levers and rewrapping the bars. To swap an aero bar back froth would be a pain as you would have to pull brake and shifter cables every time and readjust everything with every change. Kestrel makes a CF bar that will work with clip-ons.
re: Aerobars for TT?allezjohn
Apr 29, 2002 12:12 PM
The "easy" options are: (1) ditch the easton carbon bar and get a nice aluminum bar, and just clip on the clip-on aerobars when you need 'em. or (2) replace the easton carbon bar with the Kestrel Carbon bar that accepts aerobars. Note that Kestrel makes two models--the super light one will NOT accept clip-on's, while the "heavier" model will accept clip-on's.

If you want to keep the easton carbon bar... then you can do this for TT's and Tri's: Get a cowhorn. Clip your clip-on's to it. Get a new stem [probably should be 1cm shorter than your normal road stem]. Attach it to your cowhorn. Put bar-end shifters on the aerobars, and the DiaComp 188 brake levers on the cowhorn. Get new brake and shift cables that you will use only with the aero setup. Whenever you want/need the aero setup, just pull out the allen key set and un-do the shift and brake cables, and remove the road stem & carbon bar from the bike. Everything comes out together. Then just put on the aerobar/cowhorn/stem unit, and lace the brake & shift cables. The first time you put this on, it'll take 15-20minutes. Afterwards, it becomes a sub-5minute swap. My setup is very similar to this... My road bar/stem is the Ritchey OverSized stuff... no company makes a clip-on bar for the OverSized handlebars... So my aero control unit is a Profile carbon X with bar end shifters and 188 brake levers. One thing is that you can not put the nice ends on the ends of your cables, so you have to take extra care not to let the cable ends fray. Good luck!
cable end solutionjason in nh
Apr 29, 2002 4:46 PM
here is an idea that abunch of my buddies do in this situation with swapping hadlebars for an aero setup, put super glue on the end of the cables, lets you run them through the housing, but won't fray
cable end solutionallezjohn
Apr 30, 2002 2:16 AM
ahhh, very smart, very nice. I'm going to pull out the super glue today! thanks!
cable end solutionrider5673
Apr 30, 2002 7:11 AM
I use the ol' soldering gun and resin core solder. Be sure to wipe the cable with a rag while it's still hot to be sure you don't leave a big blob at the end. If it's done cleanly, this will last years...
Also make sure you leave enough cable at the end that the clamp does not deform the very end of the cable, but not so much that your heel catches it- that will cause it to unwind partway back.