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dura ace triple questions(7 posts)

dura ace triple questionseflayer2
Apr 28, 2002 6:05 PM
1. My ultegra triple equipped bike allows me to use all 27 gears without chain rub. Is there any reason not to expect the same from dura ace triple equipped bike? I know crossing the chain is not the best for wear, but I'm still curious.
2. Will ultegra sti shifters work with dura ace triple front and rear derailleurs?
re: dura ace triple questionsJekyll
Apr 28, 2002 9:22 PM
1. Probably - but a bad idea as you know.
2. No reason why they would not.
re:Ultegra Followup Questiondaniell
Apr 29, 2002 3:47 AM
I have an Ultegra Triple Setup. I find that when I am on the large chainring in the front, I cannot go further than the fourth or fifth cog (counting from the smaller) without getting chain rub on the front derailleur. How do you get all those combinations without chain rub? By the way I am using a SRAM chain.

re:Ultegra Followup Questioneflayer2
Apr 29, 2002 4:04 AM
The ultegra triple is on my Airborne. The bike needed a bit of adjustment when I received it in the mail from Airborne. I took it to a local shop, they adjusted it and it has been running chain rub free in all gears ever since. That is why I'm wondering about the dura ace triple on my new Serotta. Chain rubs in two large cogs when on big ring in front.
re:Ultegra Followup QuestionCrankist
Apr 29, 2002 5:20 AM
Ditto, though I am getting an extra gear or two than you (with SR-89). I've tweaked this
set-up the best I can short of trying to slightly angle the FD. (If I move in the outer ring
stop, then when I downshift to the middle the chain just drops into the small ring). LBS
(2 of them) say that it's normal. I am not satisfied, though it's workable.
Cable tension is slack in the small ring. I'm stuck.
re:Ultegra Followup Questioncurlybike
Apr 25, 2002 11:39 AM
It is my experience, that if you use the downtube adjuster to fine tune the location of the FD cage for the middle ring, the trim stops in the shifter are much more effective and accurate. The shifters seem to work better without a slack cable at the far inside position. Your results may vary.
re:Ultegra Followup Questiondaniell
Apr 29, 2002 9:46 AM
Because of this thread, I put the bike on the stand. I adjusted the limit screw on the front derailleur. The cage now cannot go out as far as before. I can now use almost all of the cogs with the large chainring. Of course I would not use the big and big.