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Braking Distance & Aero Wheels (RevX)(3 posts)

Braking Distance & Aero Wheels (RevX)goldsbar
Apr 27, 2002 4:25 AM
I have a front Spynergy RevX from 1996(ish) on a '95 Trek 5000 with original Shimano 105 components. The braking distance for the Spynergy has always been bad (downright scary in the rain) but it seems to be getting worse. My Shimano pads are old ('95?-hope not!) but still have plenty of rubber. Is the problem:
*The Spynergy is just bad at braking?
*Need to sand the sides or something?
*Better brake pads?

I'm not sure how many miles are on the wheel as I've used a computer off & on. Suffice to say that some years I raced & rode a lot while other years I was more of a recreational cyclist. Thanks for the advice...
re: Braking Distance & Aero Wheels (RevX)Jekyll
Apr 27, 2002 5:44 AM
I don't think its something inherent in Rev-X design. I have a pair of '99 (I think the braking surface is pretty much the same as your's).
I would do two things. Get a new set of pads (newer Shimano are fine) and take a scothbrite pad and scrub the braking surfaces on the wheels (you can also use some very fine sand paper - just don't remove a lot of material from the rim - just the glazing on the surface). This should help quite a bit.
Either way, rim brakes and rain don't go together very well. Ceramic rims do seems to help in the rain but they also have limitations. This is why MTBikers swear by disk brakes in wet conditions.
Also, I had 105 brakes some time ago and I never thought they worked nearly as well as Ultegra and D/A versions.
re: Braking Distance & Aero Wheels (RevX)Chen2
Apr 27, 2002 9:52 AM
My '98 Dura-Ace pads had hard crappy Shimano pads when new. I replaced them with KoolStop pads and they work great, in my case they were a HUGE improvement. I still have the same pads on the bike after 7500 miles. I've also heard that the newer Shimano pads are fine, but I'll stay with KoolStop.