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Minoura magturbo question(2 posts)

Minoura magturbo questionJohnG
Apr 26, 2002 4:00 PM
My brother just bought some Minoura rollers with the "Super Magturbo" mag unit. The mag unit has a plastic cover that falls off when the little yellow drag lever is adjusted. It looks like there are four holes which should have screws in them. ?????

Anyone have one of these units and can let me know if yours came with screws attaching the outer cover? I suspect someone just forgot to put the screws in at the factory. I've emailed Minoura earlier today but so far no answer from them.

Also, do you use the mag unit with your rollers. It looks like they add a lot of drag even at the lightest setting.

there're should be screws to hold covercyclopathic
Apr 27, 2002 12:09 PM
at least there're on my trainer, I assume Mag unit is same or very similar with interchangeable parts. GIve them a call or if in hurry run to hardware store and get some, should be under $1

with respect to drag I asked the same Q of Minoura and they gave me an estimate of drag /for trainers/ at highest setting it was hitting 450+wt at ~20mph. Rollers should be diff, email them they probably have similar thing for rollers good luck