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basic tire info(3 posts)

basic tire infobm
Apr 25, 2002 11:37 PM
can anyone provide some basic info for tire shopping.

i sometimes see $10 tires on sale at supergo or LBS - kenda or other companies . . . what should i look for?

My biases are as valid as anybody's...retro
Apr 26, 2002 7:11 AM
There's a lot of not-very-well-supported opinion out there about tires, including my own biases, but FWIW:
I've only bought two Kenda tires, for an old 27-inch clunker, and they were so badly out of round I couldn't ride them. They were supercheap grocery store knobbies, and I finally gave up explaining to the manager why I wanted my money back and threw them away. Presumably ALL Kenda tires aren't square...
I've had really good success with house-brand Performance and Nashbar tires, though I don't use them anymore now that I'm middle-aged and have a little extra money. No complaints ever about the $10-$18 road rubber, and some friends still use them. Nashbar often has big-time sales ($5-$15) on decent tires on its website, too.
I fool around with tires a lot, but I don't use super-skinny racing tires very often--I weigh 220 and ride bad roads, and a 700x23 is just a pain in the butt all the time. Of current, reasonably priced tires in 28 or 32mm size, I like Panaracer Paselas--light, tough and fairly cushy.
re: basic tire infojw25
Apr 26, 2002 3:26 PM
Well, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to training tires. I ride through glass (the joys of a rural area), so something with an extra belt, and harder rubber, seem like good choices. Kevlar or wire bead is up to you - wire tends to be cheaper, but the casing is often stiffer, so the ride suffers. Combined with a kevlar belt, and a thick tread, you can get a pretty wooden ride.
I've had great luck with Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige's, which are pretty cheap from Performance. They seem to be an Axial Pro with a different casing, and I've raced a few crits on them with no problems. No tread cuts, though they do wear down kind of quickly. If you get the 3-pack, though, you'll be in rubber for a year or two.
Lately, I've been really liking Panaracers. The Stradius Pro is a beautiful tire, and quite impervious, as well as sticky in the wet and long wearing. I plan to race them for the most part this year, but will probably leave them on for the fast training rides, too. They make some lower versions, the elite and sport, which are quite reasonable.
I've also got some miles on a set of Hutchinson Reflex Golds, which were $40 a pair off Ebay. I like their ride, Hutchinson makes great casings, but the rubber's a little soft for training. The rear's got a 1/4" slice down to the casing, and is wearing noticeable after 300 miles. They race well, though, and again, do very well in the wet.
There's a lot of deals out there, but it depends on what you want in a tire.