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How do I replace my C-10....(5 posts)

How do I replace my C-10....jimijoe
Apr 25, 2002 9:13 AM
Hi All
This is sorta related to previous post about the C-10 w/ 5K on it. I am new to the forum so I wasn't sure if I should make a new post or add to the previous... Well I decided to make a new post...

I have C-10 chain with 5.2K miles on it. I whipe it down and lube it about every 100 miles. But, at about the 3K mark I was on a ride when suddenly ..SNAP! I broke my chain... Luckly I was just up the block from a bike store. They said the Permalink broke and they removed it (somehow). Since then its been great. I am light weight (135lbs) and try to spin alot, However I live in the hills so I am constantly changes gears.
I want to replace the chain with the C-10 chain I purchased a few weeks ago. The problem is ....
1) I'd like to remove the Permalink. How do I do this???
2) Can you use a standard chain tool to break the link (by standard I mean the one I use on my MTB chain).
3) According to the instructions I need a speical tool to assemble the chain. It cost $60 and looks kinda like a strange pair of pliers.. Do I need this tool?? Can I improvise with something else???


3) Do I need
re: How do I replace my C-10....str8dum1
Apr 25, 2002 10:37 AM
yes you need that special chain tool. just dont use the permalink. just use the normal pin when you fit the chain.
I just asked this question about two weeks agoPaulCL
Apr 25, 2002 11:00 AM
No, you don't need a special tool to remove the permalink. Just use a good quality chain tool from the tire side of the chain and crank HARD. Push the permalink pins out toward you, away from the wheel. It works. Believe me.

I replaced my damaged permalink with a Craig Superlink ($7 at So far, after about 200 miles, no problem. I carry a spare superlink in case of breakage out on the road.

If you want to put a permalink on the new chain, you need the expensive tool. Personally, I'd rather have a whole bunch of Craig links on hand instead. Craig superlinks state that they will last the same amount of time as your chain - depending upon usage.

Good luck. Paul
I just asked this question about two weeks agojimijoe
Apr 25, 2002 1:53 PM
Thanks Paul

I think thats what I'll do.

re: How do I replace my C-10....mackgoo
Apr 26, 2002 3:42 AM
Use a chain tool, any chain tool to get the chain to the right size. Get a Fosters link from, get a few for safe keeping. Although I haven't had to replace one yet. Install it. Then start helping answer these darn questions that come up at least a few times a month.
A beny is now you can get chains on E bay for 10$ because "it doesn't have the perma link".
Side note I think Campy is comming out or has come out with a totaly new design.