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Front Shifting issue(3 posts)

Front Shifting issueflybyvine
Apr 24, 2002 1:39 AM
I have noticed that on my 10sp Daytona commuter set up, when shifting from small to big CRing I regularly have about a 1/2 revolution of "slip" (almost as though the chain is not engaging). It is hard to explain since it only does it when riding and only when I am not trying to recreate the problem.

I don't have this on my 10sp Record race bike.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem ??

re: Front Shifting issueDKF
Apr 25, 2002 4:04 AM
The most likely problem is not enough cable tension. Also check your stops for adequate travel. One final possibility is alignment, paralell with chainrings, and the der. should not be more than 2-3mm from the big ring when directly over it.
re: Front Shifting issueflybyvine
Apr 25, 2002 5:10 AM
I have heaps of tension but will check the clearance. I may have too much.