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which wheelsettrendl
Apr 21, 2002 11:43 PM
I am in the market for a new set of wheels. I'm split between Campy Neutron and Eurus. I'm 177 lbs and most of my races are hilly and over 3 hrs. I often ride/race centuries (up to 8 hrs). Currently I ride Mavic CXP 33(32h)/Chorus and Mavic Open Pro 32h/Chorus. I slightly prefer the stronger CXP 33 wheelset.
I know the Eurus' weight listed on Campy's web pages is even lower than the Neutrons'. Given the rim's profile though, it's probably the hub and spokes that make it lighter, the rim being a bit heavier.
I want a strong and lightweight wheelset which will give me an advantage over my current setup on hills as well as on the flats.
Price is a consideration as well since I can get the Neutrons a bit cheaper than the Eurus.
re: which wheelsetboneman
Apr 22, 2002 1:02 AM
I have a set of 2002 Neutron's (clincher) and love them. In fact so much that I wouldn't mind selling my Kysriums (shimano body) and getting a set of Neutrons with a shimano body. I've been at it since the early 70's and raced and ridden lots of wheels although most tubs. More recent wheels include Spinergy Rev-x's, Kysrium's and the ubiquitous Mavic Open's.

The Neutrons are the most enjoyable set of wheels I've ridden on primarily because of their perceived lightness as it relates to rotational weight. When I put an effort into the pedals, I can feel an immediate response. I looked at the Eurus but passed due to their rim profile and the windy/gusty conditions where I live (England). That being said, I might buy a rear Eurus as I find that riding a higher profile rim in the back doesn't greatly impact the handling in windy conditions.

As for strength and reliability, I've been very pleased with the Kysriums and have found, so far, the Neutrons to be as strong, both in the rim and in build quality.

If you like the CXP rim, you might find the Eurus the way to go. The weight difference between the two wheelsets is not that different and the Eurus have only slightly fewer spokes so I can't imagine the rim (rotational weight) is much heavier than the Neutrons. I was in Condor Cycles on Friday looking at the Eurus again and I don't believe that the hubs are any different from those used in the Neutrons.
re: which wheelsetciclista
Apr 22, 2002 5:30 AM
I too had a similar problem of deciding....I chose against the eurus mainly due to the sluggish hill climbing ability. Lots of hills in my parts. On the other hand the neutrons were great all around. Try to test ride them both.
re: which wheelsetshaochieh
Apr 22, 2002 7:49 AM
I weight 170lbs and I own a set of Eurus. Great set of wheels. It is not that bad in the wind. I had some Mavic CXP 14 and they weight like a pig. I love my Eurus but you may like the Neutron better. Good luck.
re: Neutron!!tmguy
Apr 22, 2002 4:19 PM
Awesome all-around wheel. Almost as light as the Electron tubulars I bought in '98. They climb beautifully and thier accleration is awesome. Aero spokes feel like they make a difference. Wheels want to go fast. Save the $$ and get some nice tires.