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Dura Ace vs. Record(2 posts)

Dura Ace vs. RecordCKS
Apr 21, 2002 10:19 PM
Two questions:
1) What is the technical difference (incompatabilities) between the 2? I know the cassette is spaced different as it fits onto the hub- but what else? I'm trying to decide if adding a Campy bike is worth losing compatability with all my other Shimano bikes- wheels, etc.

2) What is the weight difference of just the drivetrain and brakes (no post, headset, pedals, hubs)?

Any other comments to help me decide?
re: Dura Ace vs. Recordboneman
Apr 22, 2002 12:48 AM
CKS- Your point number one, regarding compatability, actually lack thereof, is probably the biggest decision you have to make. There are a few specialty manufacturers for 10 speed cassettes for use on a Shimano type freehub but the cog combinations were not to my liking as I no longer race.

I ride both DA-9 and Campy Record 10. Sure, there are differences but for me, the biggest are 9 cogs versus 10 cogs. After that, it's the chain and need to use the Campy tool for their Perma Link. The chain, and questions about durability were initially my biggest concern. However, its turned out to be a non-issue. Both gruppos perform well and are highly functional. DA is less expensive and cost wise, Chorus is more competitive when compared to DA. Performance differences between Chorus and Record are not great.

You might find these two links to be helpful although the first is decidely pro-Campy.

Good luck with this ever so vexing question.