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Problems with Campag 9sp drive train(6 posts)

Problems with Campag 9sp drive trainNoam
Apr 21, 2002 2:28 AM
I have to adjust front derailleur cage frequently when shifting gears. The rear derailleur is Chorus the front is Record. Any advise.

Noam Again
re: Problems with Campag 9sp drive traincurlybike
Apr 21, 2002 6:53 AM
You may need to re align the cage of the FD to the plane of the chainring. If the angle is slightly off, trimming will be required more frequently. Make sure the limit screws are set to just clear at the extremities of chain position. The outer cage of the FD should just clear the outer chainring height wise. Set the height, then the angularrity, then the limit screws.
Apr 21, 2002 7:30 AM
In addition to curlybike's excellent advice, also consider whether you have the FD positioned right. With my setup, I essentially have two positions for the FD. First position (toward the seat tube) is for the bigger cogs on the cassette, while second position is for the smaller cogs. If I twist the barrel adjuster one way or the other, that shifts the "center point" of the FD, and I end up tweaking more often when I am using the center cogs. But if you are having this problem across the range of the cassette, then curlybike's advice is most pertinent.
re: Problems with Campag 9sp drive trainNoam
Apr 22, 2002 11:12 PM
Thanks mate.
Your diagnos was right the FD cage was slightly off parallel with the chainring.

Campagnolo's instructions might helpMcAndrus
Apr 21, 2002 7:37 AM
Campagnolo's instructions might helpNoam
Apr 22, 2002 11:16 PM
Thanks Mate