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Trouble with Dura-Ace pedals!(3 posts)

Trouble with Dura-Ace pedals!Mr_Grim2
Apr 18, 2002 1:18 PM
I spent more than $400 bucks on Shimano's new shoe/pedal combo this season and so far... I'm sorely dissapointed!

The R214 shoes are great! But I have absolutely NO confidence when clipping in!

I have a hard time finding the pedal with my cleat.. and then an even harder time engauging the pedal. I have to mash and twist in all sorts of directions to clip in.

Anyone else have this kind of trouble? Can anyone advise on how to fix it?
Go Campi Record...tirider
Apr 18, 2002 7:00 PM
I had the same problems (with Sidi shoes) and gave up and went with Campi and now ride with a smile on my face. The only downside with the Campi system is that the cleats wear quickly so limit walking on them.
Lube + setcyclequip
Apr 19, 2002 2:38 AM
Grease the rubber guides on the shoes - as well as the mating surfaces of the pedals. Make sure you adjust the rubber stopper on the pedal properly. Key to clipping in is to locate gently - then clip in with a slight twist horizontally.