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Creaking after truing a wheel(7 posts)

Creaking after truing a wheelmgolebiewski
Apr 18, 2002 11:50 AM
I am new to truing wheels, I have done 4 so far.

The back wheel on my newer bike does not seem to have been that well built. After a couple hundred miles I noticed some wobble and went to true it up.

There were many loose spokes on the normally looser side of the wheel. By loose I meen 0 tension in one instance :(

I tightened it all up and got the wheel true no problem. However now when I ride I am getting noise (ticking) from the spokes when the wheel is under load.

Any ideas? I noticed yesterday that the wheel was slightly off center, when I flip it in the stand the relative position is off. Maybe this is the problem although I am not sure.
re: Creaking after truing a wheelChen2
Apr 18, 2002 1:13 PM
Off-centered, that's the problem. The clicking noise is probably from the looser spokes, they're the ones that will brake. Your wheel's not really "trued" until it is centered and radially true as well as laterally true. I reverse my wheels in the stand several times until I'm sure the rims are centered.
re: Creaking after truing a wheelmerckx56
Apr 19, 2002 7:35 AM
it's supposed to be slightly 'off center'. it's called the dish of the wheel. the hub should be further to the non-drive side, thus making the drive side 'flatter' if you will. if the wheel is straight and round, and shifting isn't affected after true of the wheel, the spoke/nipple junction is dry. put a drop of lube on every interface of spoke and nipple. that should stop the creaking. i use gun-lube. it's a black, graphite infused lube that actually dries into a film. you can get it at a gun shop, or that bastion of all that is wrong with america, wal-mart.
re: Creaking after truing a wheelChen2
Apr 19, 2002 8:44 AM
The rim is not "suppose to be off-centered". The rim should be centered between the stays and drop-outs. The spokes on either side of the rear wheel are at different angles (dished) to make room for the drive train, but the rim is centered.
re: Creaking after truing a wheelmerckx56
Apr 19, 2002 9:57 AM
in relation to the hub, yes, it should be slightly off the center line. in relation to the frame, no, it should not be. i was assuming that he meant the dish of the wheel since he is new to truing wheels. don't get so defensive, jeez! just trying to help the guy with another viewpoint. didn't say you were wrong!!!!!! anyhow, spend the $8 and take it to a competent wrench. your wheel will stay true and last longer.
re: Creaking after truing a wheelChen2
Apr 19, 2002 1:14 PM
I'm sorry if I sounded defensive but all of the symptoms he described point to the non-drive spokes being loose, these are the spokes most likely to fail. And when those spokes become loose the rim will come off-center toward the drive side. He said he was truing the wheel and "it" was off-center when he reversed it in the "stand". Truing means he was referring to the rim which should be centered. It sounds as if the original poster has a truing stand and should be able to fix the problem himself.
sometimes the spokes creak where they cross each other, putPaul
Apr 22, 2002 10:04 AM
some lube btween them. Does all your spokes sound the same when you twang them? The drive side will be higher pitched if properly tighten. But they should all sound the same on each respective side. Dull sound indicates a loose spoke.

Rim should be directly over the hub for proper dishing. Same distance between the chain stays.